Decoherence // Poems by Nate Pritts

42 Miles Press
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"This is a taut, captivating, and emotionally weighty series..." Publishers Weekly


Tenderness has force, a lesson few poets ever seem to learn. Nate Pritts has it down totally.  I love his loyalty to the incidental, the moments where our truest feelings reveal themselves.  He reminds me a bit of Joseph Ceravolo—he takes the bewilderment that we so often feel and he turns it into a spell devised to heal us.  There is a heroism in that, without posture or grandiosity.  Pritts is always unpredictable, receptive, in flux, yet always decisive in opening the next door. 

                                                —DAVID RIVARD, author of Standoff

Reading Nate Pritts’ new collection Decoherence, I am reminded of the phrase "do you see what I am saying?" Although the images in the poems vary, light is one element that runs throughout: “Everything, it seems, is just waves of lightand “I know that the only gift we can give to someone else / is context for all this light” and “In morning light we are finally / cleansed of happening.” In fact, the final word is, literally, light. Enter these stanzas with Nate and see what he’s saying.  Be illuminated by Decoherence.

      —KIMIKO HAHN, author of Brain Fever


"The final image in Decoherence is one of desperation and of hope, of figures and entities “…unfolding desperately in the light.” The pleasure that comes from the revealing of the self and from the vulnerability returned is worth the risk of destruction." Erica Bernheim writing for Entropy

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