H_NGM_N was started in the fall of 2001 by Nate Pritts.  

Originally a mimeograph side-stapled poetry 'zine, H_NGM_N later transitioned to the current online format for the journal in 2004. A print chapbook series followed as well as Combatives, a single-author ‘zine side project.

Download a pdf of the 1st issue (2001).

Read some early "Notes About H_NGM_N" (2006).

The PDF Chapbook series began in 2009 as an innovative and dynamic way to release short bursts from a diverse group of writers.  Then, in 2010, H_NGM_N released its first full-length book.

Explore the archive of interviews about H_NGM_N.

H_NGM_N is a way of life, a type of attention.

H_NGM_N is action and reaction, the nexus of old tech and new tech - dittos and screens, human hearts and digital speed.

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