// Project Statement

“No Filter” is a poem by Nate Pritts, first published in The Equalizer: Second Series (2014, ed. Michael Schiavo).

The #NOFILTER Project seeks to disrupt the electronic narratives of a media-enriched society by insisting upon unadorned reality (the world-as-it-is) by curating and collating the story of a single day in October.

// Activity

Leveraging the Twitter platform and co-opting a popular hashtag, lines from the source poem will be seeded at intervals throughout a 24-hour period.  

Sorting based on hashtag search will reveal an unintentional conversation which collects the traces and remnants of authentic encounters and experiences but will also serve to interrogate and scrutinize the relationship that develops between and among selected components.

// Deliverable

After completion, #NOFILTER Project will be released as a cohesive entity online (via Storify) and will be made available in a print version.


Contact // Nate Pritts // nathanpritts@hotmail.com